My Top 5 Writing Blogs to Follow

5 Writing Blogs That Are Worth Their Weight in…The Heaviest Substance Known To Humankind

“You must stay drunk on writing so reality cannot destroy you.”
― Ray Bradbury, Zen in the Art of Writing

Amen, Ray! One way to imbibe writing is to check out what information other writers are sending out into cyberspace. Since I started my writing journey, I’ve collected 5 writing blogs that offer a wealth of knowledge on writing, publishing, and everything in between.

1. helping writers become authors logo - 5 writing blogsHelping Writers Become Authors – K.M. Weiland

This site a gold mine of sparkling, informational nuggets about writing and how to make yours better. K.M. (Katie) has ten years of archives and updates regularly, always adding high-value content. Her series about story structure, scene structure, and character arcs have been instrumental in my development. Examples of real stories, movies, and television shows illustrate her points and make concepts easier to grasp. She’s also published books and workbooks on outlining, structuring and character arcs and just released an outlining computer program. Not to mention her fiction works, which are historical or speculative fiction.

susan dennard - 5 writing blogs2.  Author Susan Dennard‘s website.

Susan is the author of the Something Strange and Deadly series and the Witchlands series. Her website is also teeming with practical advice on just about every topic a writer could want—plot, querying, publishing, etc. She also has a large archive and I haven’t made it through all of her articles yet, but I love her section on the publishing process!

the creative penn - 5 writing blogs3. The Creative Penn – Joanna Penn

Joanna is a pretty big name in the self-publishing game and her website has tons of free articles devoted to self-publishing, as well as writing in general and marketing. She also offers paid services, though since I’ve never worked with her directly I cannot vouch for them. If they’re anywhere as helpful as the free stuff, I’m sure they’re worth it.

writers write - 5 writing blogs4. Writers Write

A plethora of courses, advice, and articles await at Writers Write. Also, daily writing prompts if you get stuck and need a little injection of creativity to get your juices flowing again. I learned so much about foreshadowing from this site’s articles.

writing geekery - 5 writing blogs5. Writing Geekery – MJ Bush

MJ is a writing coach, editor, and fantasy author. Her articles on the Four Cornerstones of Strong Characters and Four Pillars of Strong Characters helped me take my characters from flat to fleshed-out. And she’s written about tons of other topics, too, so if you’re struggling with something, chances are MJ’s got a solution.

Bonus – Beta Readers and Critiques FB Group and Your Write Dream FB Group

I found my amazing critique partner in this group and she’s helping me tear apart and rebuild my WIP manuscript. If you’re looking for beta readers or a critique partner, this group is active and full of willing participants.

Your Write Dream is a FB group hosted by Kristen Kieffer of the Well-Storied (formerly She’s Novel) blog. The members are also super active and super helpful. In fact, they helped me choose my downloadable article topic, “10 Things You NEED To Know Before Writing Your Novel.” You can get the article by signing up in my sidebar or at the top of the page.

This is by no means an exhaustive list of resources, but I find myself returning again and again to these 5 writing blogs and Facebook group to increase my knowledge and up my writing game. I hope they bring you as much wisdom as they continue to bring me!

I’m always on the hunt for new resources, so leave your favorites in comments!