Work in Progress – Untitled YA Fantasy by Kiersten Lillis

In this YA fantasy…

Fifteen-year-old Talullah Bridgestone’s books are her window to the world outside the field of magical sunflowers which protect her town. But Talullah’s chance for freedom and adventure dissolved when her mother walked out on her family for good.

On the eighth anniversary of her mother’s leaving, soldiers from a neighboring kingdom break through the sunflowers’ magic. They wreak havoc and kidnap Talullah’s sister. With her father and youngest sister also missing, Talullah vows to find and rescue her family, even if it means facing an army alone.

An unexpected detour lands Talullah in a magical tree, revealing her visions give her the power to alter destiny. Her eye-shaped pendant is the key to controlling her Sight, saving her family, and discovering the truth about her mother’s disappearance. But the gemstones that complete her power are hidden in parallel worlds, and the sorceress Renevelda’s plan to retrieve them is already in motion.

Talullah’s enemy has a spy. Her allies have secrets. And the damned dark forest could kill her before she even gets started. Master both heart and mind and she’ll have the strength to find what she seeks. Her loved ones’ lives are at stake. If she fails, their blood will stain her conscience for eternity.

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